Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Vision-Mastermind Process

‘Visioning for Your Life’ was created by Rev. Michael B. Beckwith. This process as I understand it at this time begins with the premise that we are from and of Spirit. Whatever you may call this One Spirit that is in and through all; we are formed from the same “stuff.” This Giving Spirit thought of an Idea with Love for Good and Health and Well Being. This Idea, which is you and me, has a gift to give the world and when we give this gift - our talent, passion, and/or calling, - we live the life intended. As we grow up we forget this passion because of the thinking and influence of other people, who shall remain unnamed at this point.

Spirit’s Vision for our life is within, it didn’t go anywhere, just got buried.  The visioning process assists us in seeing, remembering and reconnecting with our ideal life purpose. It happens by being silent, opening up, releasing, and letting the resistance go.  By placing yourself in an environment of love, over time you begin to “capture” the vision. It comes in snippets of words, sounds, smells, phrases, colors, in all creative manner until it is seen in a way you understand. 

Masterminding is a process of moving to the life you envision. In general a mastermind group is when people meet who have the same specific interest. From CEOs interested in improving their company to new moms looking for resources, support in the new role. Each person shares and requests specific things they may need to grow and know in the area.  The other members of the group are dedicated to the success of all members.  They offer insight, information, resources, and more. There is accountability as the members gain focus, clarity and support to be and do the best they can in the area of interest.

I have combined these two processes as it seems like a beautiful marriage between the two. Capture the vision and “work it” through the mastermind process. Don’t do it alone!

The groups meet either in person, by phone conference or web conferencing. Modern technology is a wonderful “thang. “

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This is a program of take One Night Off A Week, aka tONOAW.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Busy or Productive - Does It Matter?

I am looking at my emails. There are 245 unread messages. And about 45 more that I have read, but didn’t do anything with. I was just looking for one particular message, but find myself looking at others. The next thing I know 20 minutes have gone by. Yes, these messages do need to be taken care of, one day, some time, but is that time now? How can you tell if you are just being busy or actually being productive?

Well, I have learned my lesson. It used to take me hours to check my email messages and respond, and listen to the audios, or read all of the ads. I used to also get caught up with the phone messages I had to return from friends and family. How do you handle the “little” stuff? Like checking the bank accounts, fixing lunch, writing your grocery list, opening mail, calling the creditor that charged too much, calling the cable company to find out why your high speed is so slow.  
   OMG, so many “little” things to do that are not marketing your business, which you HAVE to get done every day. The “little” things can really keep you busy, but not very productive. Is this a common challenge or is it just me? I guess it couldn’t be just me ‘cause there are books about this stuff.

Being the self aware, intelligent, home based business owner that I am, I figured I’d better develop some new skills and knowledge. I knew my boss would not tolerate this behavior much longer, it was losing her (me) money. I read Time Management from the Inside Out and Organizing from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern. I listened to my mentors when they talked about the importance of scheduling your activities and reviewing your schedule every day. My resources pointed out how critical it is to write out your goals for the day or for the week. And of course if you schedule time for the “little” things they won’t take you over. Don’t forget to throw in a lot of focus and a little discipline for good measure. 

What are you doing to distinguish or catogorize your tasks and activities?  Determine the ones that can wait and the ones that are marketing and promotion and the ones that are personal development and put them in their right place and time everything. I personally have to actually use a timer clock.

Busy just takes up time, but  PRODUCTIVE = RESULTS.

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