Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Revelation

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the annual Revelation Conference created by Agape International Spiritual Center located in Los Angeles, CA. To say the least it was awesome, uplifting, exciting, educational, and just wonderful. I really feel like I need to create some new words to describe my experience.

The headlining key note speakers were Maladoma Some and Ester and Jerry Hicks with their compadres called Abraham. I have read the books by Maladoma and the Hicks, but the whole "in person" phenomenon leaves you speechless.

I want to attend all the Revelation Conferences in the future. I learned a lot about myself. I know what to do with my thoughts and how to snap out of listening to "negative" thoughts. The lessons for me were about keeping focused on what you want, NOT on what you don't want. OR on the lack of what you want.

WOW!, I realized I have been so focused on my plans and goals I forgot to live in the present. That single revelation for me is hugh. I had forgotten the importance of how to love where I am, how I am, who I am right now. But I'm back. All is Well.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

5 Things to Consider When Moving to the Next Phase of Life

The next phase of your life can be like a new frontier. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. Not knowing what is ahead and what it may entail, can give you pause. But, the allure of doing something different and doing new things can be very enticing.  Stepping into the proverbial “un-comfort zone” is no joke.

When a situation changes your life and you know you can’t or choose not to live the same way any longer there is hope on the horizon.  Doing the same thing, being with the same people, going to the same places, putting up with the same “stuff” just doesn’t seem to be enough any longer.

It's time for a change!
Now, there are some situations that come along to push you to even consider the fact that it’s time for a change. The last child has left the house so you got more time on your hands than you knew possible. It could be that the marriage ended. Then there’s the job you’ve had for years and now it’s gone bye-bye. Ultimately, you get a feeling in your gut. You want fulfillment. Old dreams begin to surface, reminding you of things you had suppressed or forgotten and let slip down deep.  Surprise! They never went away. They’re coming up to be considered again. 

How do I get started with this change?
1. Be aware of the feelings and emotions you are experiencing and don’t judge them to be good or bad. I have experienced not only fear, but confusion, anger, second guessing myself, delight, anxiousness, scattered thinking, joy, happiness, and freedom. Sometimes all in the same day and no telling when the emotion might appear. Don’t get stuck in them.

2. Ask yourself empowering questions. Empowering questions lead to resolutions and solutions. They empower you. Questions that begin with who, what, how. For example; what am I to learn from this situation? Who can I talk to that will give good guidance? Where can I get valuable support? Stay away from the “why” questions. They tend to lead you down a path of self-pity and they can disempower you.

3. Take Responsibility for your life. Here lies your power. Don’t beat yourself or anyone else up. Take care of yourself. See this time in your life as a blessing. Don’t give up.

4. Pay attention to everything going on in your life. Observe the old and new situations and the people that you are around. There are opportunities opening up for you and you want to be ready.

5. Take ‘guided’ action. You’re not a pot so no ‘stewing’ for you. Don’t do it alone!  This is so important. If it is a pattern of yours to “do it all on your own,” let that go. There may be many ideas, beliefs, behaviors, and ‘yes,’ people you’re going to have to let go of to move into the next phase and not end up in the same spot. Ask for support, join a mastermind group of like-minded people, or get a coach, probably not friends or family.

Embrace this ‘new frontier’ of possibilities. This is your time. You deserve to be happy and feel free. You are powerful. Congratulations!
Take your life off of hold, get the Empowering Questions to ask yourself. Go To: 12 Empowering Questions

Monday, July 18, 2016

Daily Intentions for creating your life

Yes, this is a reprint of an earlier post. I thought it was so important.

Setting my intention at the beginning of each day is a practice I have fully embraced over the past few years. I have noticed that my day unfolds as I desire. The setting of intention actually, sets my mind in a receptive and releasing state. In other words it keeps my mind in ‘right’ thinking. It allows me to relax and let a higher consciousness guide my actions and the outcomes of my day.
As the consistency improves, a better understanding of the process grows and life unfolds as you desire. Books by Ester and Jerry Hicks, guidance by my spiritual mentor Rev. Deena Jones of Atlanta, GA and the article on Intention vs Intent by Rev. Deborah Johnson of Inner Light Ministries in Santa Cruz, CA  have assisted me in gaining more insight for my growth.
I have been surprised at times that the outcome of encounters in certain situations have been amiable. In the days I didn't consistently or clearly set intentions, those same situations would have ended in anger or blame and the whole conversation would have been strained. 
In Ester and Jerry Hicks books on abundance, it is suggested that you consciously set intentions throughout the day for specific situations to give strength to the desired unfoldment. That is something I am working into my day, though I must admit I forget sometimes. This is another aspect of my practice I want to include.
Many years ago Rev. Deena suggested that the correct thinking is to set your intentions and thank God for the great day you "had."  Then get out of bed, knowing that they (intentions) have already happened and all you have to do is peacefully and happily walk through your day.
Rev. Deborah  in the piece she wrote suggests that there is an important distinction between intent and intention. She states, “Intention carries more of a sense of action…. .” Her description of the difference between intent and intention opens up yet a another level of awareness on the practice of intention. An intention is not only something I should set each day, but use the process for setting goals and reaching my dreams. The piece also states that setting intentions is not just a process for the unfoldment of your day, but an even greater spiritual unfoldment of your life and that guided action is the key to the distinction.
My intention is to include the new knowledge acquired into my “intention setting” practices and watch my life unfold in new and wonderful ways.