Monday, February 18, 2013

No More Resolutions - Only Intentions

Are you one of the millions of people who make well-intentioned resolutions each year and struggle with keeping them? Resolutions are notorious for failing. Why? Do you make resolutions as a habit or as a passing fancy or are you really serious? These are questions to ask yourself. Do you make them year after year without much "long-lasting" success, but determined, "to make them work this year?" Don't blame yourself. That doesn't help.

Consider making a shift in your thinking and approach which can bring you the desired success. You may benefit from setting an "intention" for the year. What do you want your life to look like? Who and what do you want in your life that will move you toward your dream? It's not about weight or smoking there is a bigger picture.

Setting intentions is not just a process for the unfolding of a specific desire, but an even greater spiritual unfolding of your life. Intentions require guided action and that is the key to the distinction. They encourage a full mindful participation in your life.

For example, instead of wishing to lose weight or quit smoking, which are common, but not the only wishes, set an intention to show yourself more love, to improve your health, to have fun with everything you do and of course take one night off a week.

The setting of intention actually sets your mind in a receptive and releasing condition. In other words, it keeps your mind in 'right' thinking.

To increase your chances for success make a plan:

1. Deicide on what you want and imagine what looks and feels like,

2. While imagining add some colors, sounds, and smells to the vision,

3. Determine the steps you need to take for each intention,

4. Solicit support from friends or colleagues, but be very specific about how they can help,

5. Don't talk to just anyone about them, be mindful with whom you share your intentions, and

6. Finally, add a big dose of joy, expectation and know that you will be successful.

Yes, this is more than a resolution, you shift your thinking, your actions and improve your life because you deserve your best life now and you can create it.

Relax and watch your life unfold in wonderful ways. Your decision making process becomes easier. You will know how to choose the best options based on your stated intentions. You feel better about yourself and that leads to more improvement, enhancement and expansion of your life.