Saturday, October 5, 2013

Visioning for Life - A Perfect Idea

There is something within each of us that knows. This Divine Intelligence has an idea, a pattern designed just for your life. It is as specific as the individualized expression that you are.  It enfolds in Love.  This unique pattern or life path is in your consciousness. Think about seeing and feeling this wonderful revelation of life and actually living it day by day. This is not something you have to wait until you reach a certain age, experience hurt or pain, or go into the light.  This life of good is at hand right here, right now.

Let’s understand visioning, but first it may be beneficial to understand what it is not. So many of us engage in visualizations and find them to be quite enlightening to what our thoughts are and our dream state. However, visioning is not the same as visualization. Visualizations are images that are set up for you to contemplate and use to direct certain action. The images are created by you or the person conducting the visualization, often referred to as “Guided Visualization.”  Visualizations are used in spiritual practices as well as many industries to develop products and services.  In visualization you use your imagination.  The key word here is “your imagination.”  According to Wikipedia, “Creative visualization is the technique of using one's imagination to visualize specific behaviors or events occurring in one's life."

It is not a “vision statement.” Again a vision statement and other processes set up by business concerns to direct strategies and development are actually using imagination to direct and for the interest of this article is not the same thing.

The Visioning Process (for life) is defined by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, by declaring, “Visioning is a process by which we train ourselves to be able to hear feel, see, and catch God’s plan for our life or for any particular project we’re working on…  .” He goes on to say “it is based on the idea that we’re not here to tell God what to do or to ask God for things but to absolutely be available for what God is already doing, to open ourselves up to catch what’s already happening.“ The visioning process is placing yourself in a receptive posture allowing the vision to come through your consciousness and seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, the life meant for you to live.

It is a process that is ongoing and with this practice you get better and better at it. By asking a series of questions as you place yourself in a quiet, receptive, loving space you will begin to “capture” the vision. Begin to see the plan that has been laid out for your best life now.

What are the benefits of visioning:  You gain a deeper spiritual wisdom within. You live in the flow of life and not fight against the tide. You can live your authentic self. The business or project you vision will be in alignment with your life journey and purpose leading to real success and continued development in ways you didn’t imagine.

Remember, there is something inside of you that knows and is seeking to emerge. The Life Visioning process as developed by Rev. Dr. Beckwith can be done successfully individually or in groups. It is done in person , via phone or web.  I have known church groups, businesses, friends and families to engage in this process for success and happiness.

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