Monday, November 26, 2012

The Power in Words

There is power in the words we use. We live in an energetic Universe. So it follows that everything is energy. The energy has a frequency and affects our lives in wonderful or devestating ways. Just misuse electricity what happens? You don't even have to see it or understand it, but the law of electricity works either way, yeah.  

The words you use have a frequency and vibration. That means they affect the one who uses them and the one they are directed to. Words that are uplifing have higher vibrations and are "positive."  Words that are "ugly" have a lower vibration and one might say they are "negative." AND they attract back to themselces (the user) the energy they put out. Have you noticed that people who are always sick and are forever talking about it - are always sick. Pay attention to people who speak words of success and prosperity - they are prosperous and achievers.

Love is the most powerful word and has the highest vibration in any language. Use it often. Be mindful of the words you use about yourself and other people. Consider high vibrational words like: success, prosperity, great job, desire, I can, you can, opportunities, possibilities, financial freedom. Minimize using words like failure, debt, want, forget and try and can't.

Have you listened to the conversations you have with friends and colleagues? Are the conversations basically, whining, crying, complaining, bemoaning, about being broke, the horrible economy, terrible boss, how hard you work and don’t have life or that your life is just not working? What you talk about you will attract to yourself.

I like to gossip from time to time. I know it is nonsensical and definitely not uplifting for me or anyone else. So I made this commitment with myself. No gossiping! One way to cut that out is spend the time more productively and turn negative conversations and energy into something positive and write a blog. (smile)

For rewarding, successful and happy experiences be mindful of what you say. Talk about what you want in your life and not what you don't want because words have power.  

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Setting Intentions, A Daily Practice

Setting my intention at the beginning of each day is a practice I have fully embraced over the past few years. I have noticed that my day unfolds as I desire. The setting of intention actually, sets my mind in a receptive and releasing state. In other words it keeps my mind in ‘right’ thinking. It allows me to relax and let a higher consciousness guide my actions and the outcomes of my day.
As the consistency improves, a better understanding of the process grows and life unfolds as you desire. Books by Ester and Jerry Hicks, guidance by my spiritual mentor Rev. Deena Jones of Atlanta, GA and the article on Intention vs Intent by Rev. Deborah Johnson of Inner Light Ministries in Santa Cruz, CA  have assisted me in gaining more insight for my growth.
I have been surprised at times that the outcome of encounters in certain situations have been amiable. In the days I didn't consistently or clearly set intentions, those same situations would have ended in anger or blame and the whole conversation would have been strained. 
In Ester and Jerry Hicks books on abundance, it is suggested that you consciously set intentions throughout the day for specific situations to give strength to the desired unfoldment. That is something I am working into my day, though I must admit I forget sometimes. This is another aspect of my practice I want to include.
Many years ago Rev. Deena suggested that the correct thinking is to set your intentions and thank God for the great day you "had."  Then get out of bed, knowing that they (intentions) have already happened and all you have to do is peacefully and happily walk through your day.
Rev. Deborah  in the piece she wrote suggests that there is an important distinction between intent and intention. She states, “Intention carries more of a sense of action…. .” Her description of the difference between intent and intention opens up yet a another level of awareness on the practice of intention. An intention is not only something I should set each day, but use the process for setting goals and reaching my dreams. The piece also states that setting intentions is not just a process for the unfoldment of your day, but an even greater spiritual unfoldment of your life and that guided action is the key to the distinction.
My intention is to include the new knowledge acquired into my “intention setting” practices and watch my life unfold in new and wonderful ways.

Mastermind Groups - What is It anyway?

First let’s talk about what a mastermind group is. When you look it up on the net which I am sure you have, you will undoubtedly get a definition that starts with the quote from the Napoleon Hill book “Think and Grow Rich, “ This has been sighted by many as the beginning of all the rage around master mind groups in recent years.

Napoleon Hill wrote about his experience with Andrew Carnegie who requested his services to do some research. We are aware of  Mr. Carnegie's accomplishments. Then Mr. Hill made the results of that experience available to all of us. He wrote about the importance of masterminding for success.
Businessmen and women from the last two centuries have gained their noted success from participating in mastermind groups of one type or another. They all knew that you don’t get where you are going by yourself.

I like to suggest that mastermind groups have been around for centuries if we just recognize the intent and formations. Another quote comes to mind “When two or three are gathered in my name, there I am with them.” (Matthew 18:20)

I, also, imagine that peoples from time immemorial have been masterminding with each other. It stands to reason that for your success in business, relationships, just life in general working with liked minded individuals committed to results is a benefit for everyone.