Living Beyond Limits - A Mastermind Experience

  Avoid the 3 massive mistakes that women over 40 make, that keep them feeling empty, overwhelmed and a little pissed off .  

You deserve a life filled with meaning, purpose, prosperity -  working with a team of like-minded individuals will offer concrete support through masterminding, to bring that life into reality.

Is This you...

  • Your life and what you want is changing.
  • The feeling of being empty, unappreciated, misunderstood, unfulfilled has gotten old.
  • Frustrated and maybe a little angry with the relationships you've created.    
  • Not sure of the next step, but just gotta move forward.               
  • Taking to friends and family has not worked.

This 'Living Beyond Limits,' Mastermind  is for you if you find yourself in transition (again)

  • At the crossroads of a significant relationship and have an opportunity to focus on you
  • Made it through a serious situation AND have no regrets
  • You are changing from old you TO new you with enthusiasm
  • Not sure of the what, but you know its time to do something different
AND you know it would benefit you to make this transition with support and guidance from others who will hold you accountable.  GET IN CONTACT - DON'T WAIT!

It is NOT for you, if you:

Are going through a change and you are depressed, angry, short sighted, want to stay stuck and can’t see the bigger picture. In other words in a "victim" consciousness. (most of the time)
If you are ready to
  •  Step into your best 'You' now
  • Clarify the meaning of where you are, where you are going and your purpose-passion
  • Create relationships that nurture and grow you
  • Clearly communicate your desires
  • Commit to your success and the success of others
  • Give and receive ideas, resources, information through sharing and brainstorming
  • Meet and network with new people experiencing the same life transitions
  • Be held accountable for your goals as you move forward
  • Create the life you dream about so you can live beyond limits
Are you a person of integrity and honesty and like to have fun, GET ON  THE LIST NOW!

How Do We Meet?

This group is held via web conferencing and it works. From the comfort of your home any where in the world via a web connection and using your computer/laptop video cam, notebook, we can see each other and connect on a real level.  

  • Meetings are held at predetermined times and dates
  • Eight Gatherings over a 4 month period
  • 90 minutes per meeting
  • via web conferencing

1. Private focused One-On-One Coaching Session and
2. Five - yes 5 additional weeks of "Tools to create your life" meetings. Want more..?
3. Guided visualization series on MP3, Not enough
4. Empowering Questions that guide you through the cocoon experience

Women only


Each member has the opportunity to share (the "LIGHT-SEAT") and receive appropriate feedback for their journey to success.


Before I joined the master mind group, I really didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I needed some support. It was much more than I imagined. Not only did I get clear on my purpose I had fun doing it. Now I am acting on the guidance.  K. Kelly

Group begins soon
Let's have a conversation.


Email me TODAY:

Mobil: 510-379-8219


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