Friday, December 21, 2012

Dec 21, 2012, The End of the World – As we know it.

There is a lot of meaning and activity around the end of the Mayan calendar December 21, 2012. This is one of those days where you will remember where you were when it happened. And not necessarily the physical place but the conscious place. This is a wonderful time to be alive. Yes, the end of the world that does not work any longer and the dawning of a new era. I choose to see it as our new awakening, a new heightened consciousness, a deeper love of the world, people and beyond.

Many of us have been going through a lot, much of it looks or feels challenging or ugly and scary and that for some of us is putting it mildly.  At times it may seem like there was no end in sight. I personally don’t want to go on like this.

Now the energetic is shifting, according to some of the most insightful people on the planet. The heart connections, the knowing that we are one with all is the order of the time. People like Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Beckwith, of Agape International Truth Center, in Los Angeles, don Miguel Ruiz, a Shaman and writer of The Four Agreements are sharing their wisdom along with people all over the world gathering to usher in this new era with love, peace, and joy. They say this is the next step of human evolutionary development.

Something great is seeking to be birthed. Pay attention to what is emerging. Whatever you are going through know it is good and safe and what is moving through you will emerge in a fabulous way. We are deserving, we have been doing the inner work, sharing our gifts and talents and it’s time. Change is a good thing. The expansion of your mind is called for.  It's our time.

How about you? Are you ready for the same ole same ole, business as usual? Are you ready for Love?

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Goal Getters vs Goal Setters

I just heard one of my mentors say “We are goal getters.” Goal setting is great, but I guess the idea is you don’t want to stop there. Take action and go after it. Actually, it takes some time and thought to “set” goals. You can’t just jump in and put something on paper. And they should be put on paper. First you have to vision what you desire your life to look like professionally, financially, and materially. And be specific about that. To make the dream real you have to not only see it, but more importantly feel it. Actually, that’s what makes the dream yours. After that comes the goal setting. Once it is real and the goals set, now the work to bring it to life begins – the goal “getting.” The dream will keep you going, when the “getting” gets tough, things become a challenge or confusion on what to do next takes a hold of you. When you get tired or want to give up, visioning will give you the energy to continue. Being able to see your life as you want it to be is your motivator, your inspiration, your monitor, your rock. I am a “goal getter” with my home based business. I visioned my dream life, set goals and took action. Get your dream, goal getter