Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Five PowerFull Women (5PW)

When "Five PowerFull Women" (5PW) get together you're in for wonderful sharing of experiences, insights and just a good time.

Just think of having access, through videos, to women from all over the world who are just like you. Women who have "been through it" and came out on the other side victorious and even better.

Sometimes when we are experiencing one of life's wonderful lessons we think we are the only ones dealing with it and feel alone, or we don't have any personal experience with the situation and not sure what to do?

5PW get together and discuss many relevant issue that have a real impact on our lives. The group discuss just one pertinent question at a time for about 45 minutes.  Women from all over the world will view the video and there will be something said that will motivate, inspire, move you forward in your life.

I know you know 4 other women like yourself.  That makes five. I know they are self reflective, mature, insightful, fun, socially oriented, spiritual, successful, loving, and willing to share their life experiences in order to support, challenge and encourage other women. That makes them powerful. 

You can host a 5PW in your home or office space.

Here are PowerFULL women in Nassau.


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Monday, January 21, 2013

Resolutions vs Intentions

New Year 2013 is well on its way. We are half way through January and so many people who still make those well intentioned resolutions are struggling with keeping them. Resolutions are notorious for failing. Why?? Do you make resolutions as a habit or as a passing fancy or are you really serious? These are questions to ask yourself.  Do you make them year after year without much "long lasting" success, but determined to make it work this year?  Don't blame yourself. That doesn't help.

Maybe a shift in your thinking and approach can bring you the desired success. What about setting an intention for the year. What do you want your life to look like? Who and what do you want in your life that will move you toward your dream.

For example, instead of  wishing to lose weight or quit smoking, which are common but not the only ones, set an intention to show yourself more love, improve your health, have fun with everything you do and of course take One Night Off A Week.

To increase your chances for success make a plan:
1. Imagine what your intention looks and feels like,
2. While imagining add some colors, sounds, and smells to the vision,
3. Set your steps for each intention,
4. Solicit specific support from friends or colleagues,
5. Don't talk to just anyone about them, be mindful with who you share your intentions, and 
6. Finally, add a big dose of joy, expectation and knowing, that you will be successful. 

Yes, this is more than a resolution, you shift your thinking and actions and imporve your life 'cause you deserve your best life now and you can create it.

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